Privacy Policy

This site is provided for the purpose of introducing the services provided by our firm. We believe that online privacy is important and this statement sets forth our privacy policy and describes the practices we follow to respect the privacy of all visitors to this site. We utilize fair information practices designed to protect your privacy. We welcome visitors to our site and we want you to be informed about our privacy practices.

Our firm is committed to personal privacy and has adopted a set of information management guidelines disclosing the information gathering policies for this website. We are responsible only for this site. We are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of any sites linked here. The primary tenets of our policy are as follows:

Cookies: We do not employ cookies in connection with this site.

Registration: We do not require registration for access to this site.

Credit Card Information: We do not collect credit card information.

E-mail Addresses: Whenever you submit an inquiry through a form available on this site, we will retain your address. However, it is not revealed to any third-party for any reason.

IP Address: Your IP address is logged in our system automatically, but it is used only for statistical purposes and is not used to track your session or linked to anything that would make you personally identifiable.

If you would like to opt out of any e-mail contact we may have established with you or have us delete any personal information we may have obtained as a result of a prior visit to this site, please contact us.