Be a Step Ahead

Start the estate planning process right — with your dedicated estate-planning advisor at Caras & Shulman, PC. We’ll provide a planning advisor who not only understands both your personal and business needs — but more importantly — is committed to an ongoing, long-term relationship with you.
Together, we will forge a qualified team of attorneys, bankers, and other estate planning professionals that can help you implement the details to preserve your family’s long-term financial security.

Caras & Shulman, PC takes the mystery out of estate planning by helping you explore:

  • Business-succession planning
  • Generation skipping trusts
  • How to avoid probate costs
  • Joint tenancy issues
  • Lifetime gifting program
  • Over-qualifying for the marital deduction
  • The costs of transferring property at death
  • The intricacies of a trust
  • The ways and means of saving on family income tax

It Doesn’t Stop There

In life and business, circumstances change. That’s why we will commit to an ongoing, long-term relationship with you. Accumulation of wealth is a beginning, and a well-designed estate plan will provide for your welfare and the protection of your interests.

No Plan is a Plan

Whether you have a will or not, if you own property or have money, you do have an estate and an estate plan. But do you have a clear understanding of how this plan works? Does your plan avoid probate costs and reduce taxes each year (or more often if needed)?

Caras & Shulman, PC will review your plan to meet your ever-changing needs.

  • Have your goals changed?
  • Has there been a shift in the economy?
  • Has the government legislated new tax laws?
  • Are there any new components?

Whatever your estate planning needs, Caras & Shulman, PC is here to help you anticipate problems and provide solutions.

Take the First Step Toward Success

Talk to a Caras & Shulman principal today about how we can provide you with a planning advisor who understands both your personal and business needs, and is committed to an ongoing, long-term relationship.

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