We strongly believe that vision is the key to managing tomorrow’s success. Vision allows us to anticipate change and react with speed. It provides the insightful edge we need to adapt to ever-changing economic climates.

Caras & Shulman, PC is committed to providing the sound business-building advice and trustworthy accounting and auditing services you need to plan for the present and develop strategies for the future.

That is why we offer much more than just the basics of accounting. We deliver intelligent service solutions differentiated by an innovative approach to strategic planning and business management.

Accounting & Auditing
For more than 40 years Caras & Shulman’s core business has offered the highest caliber accounting and auditing services for privately-owned businesses. Our team is composed of expertly trained and educated CPAs and accounting professionals with years of accounting and auditing experience. Caras & Shulman accounting and auditing work is performed under the auspices of GAAP guidelines issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board. » Learn More
Business Advisory
As Business Advisors, Caras & Shulman provides the resources and knowledge to identify the factors that contribute to a client’s success. For each business client we design a comprehensive business and financial program. With over 40 years of providing quality consulting and financial services to closely-held, family owned businesses throughout New England, Caras & Shulman offers a wealth of management advisory expertise to help clients reach and exceed their goals. » Learn More
Business Valuations
A business valuation can be an invaluable management tool, from determining an appropriate sales price of an enterprise to utilization for key employee incentive programs and much more. Caras & Shulman’s valuation experts develop a complete understanding of your business, including its strengths and weaknesses, the competition, management’s capabilities, and financial health. A business valuation prepared by an experienced and credentialed valuation professional provides the necessary support to assist in accomplishing your goals in an efficient manner. » Learn More
Dental Consultants
Caras & Shulman has provided quality consulting and financial services to dental professionals throughout New England for over 40 years and are an exceptional resource for solid dental practice management advice. With decades of service we have a unique understanding of the dental industry and the latest trends affecting it. We work closely with dental clients to set defined goals for financial success. » Learn More
Employee Benefits
Whether you’re trying to recruit a new employee for a job or ensure the longevity of your existing employees, offering the right Employee Benefit Package is crucial. That’s why, as an employer, you need to be certain that your benefits package includes the right mix of benefits to remain competitive. Our employee benefit services group stays current with the myriad of details created by complex laws and compliance obligations. » Learn More
Estate Planning
Do you have a trust and is it funded? What about a business-succession plan? Caras & Shulman will provide you with a dedicated estate-planning advisor, who understands both your personal and business needs. Together, we will forge a qualified team of attorneys, bankers, and other estate planning professionals that can help you implement the details to preserve your family’s long-term financial security. » Learn More
Healthcare Consultants
Caras & Shulman has provided quality consulting and financial services to healthcare professionals throughout New England for over 40 years and are an exceptional resource for solid healthcare practice management advice. We’ll work with you to build sustained growth through careful research and knowledgeable planning. » Learn More
Mergers & Acquisitions
Expansion through acquisition is often the single most important transaction in the history of a business. Caras & Shulman has helped hundreds of clients reach successful outcomes when buying or selling a business, raising capital, or planning for estate and gift events. » Learn More
Retirement Planning
Caras & Shulman offers the comprehensive retirement planning strategies you need to achieve successful long-term results. In fact, when it comes to helping your employees prepare for their future, Caras & Shulman provides all the expertise and advice you’ll need to effectively design, install and administer a complete line of retirement plans for your organization. » Learn More
Tax Advisory
When it comes to your taxes, Caras & Shulman delivers the unique combination of financial expertise and thorough understanding of your industry to ensure your continued success. Through this understanding of your industry we ensure that your tax planning is efficient, accurate, and able to take advantage of the latest tax law changes. Caras & Shulman’s tax experts will also work closely with you and your family to determine the right tax strategies that will maximize personal deductions, enhance financial security, and preserve wealth. » Learn More