Principal Access for Every Client

At Caras & Shulman, every client works directly with one of our firm’s principals who becomes intimately involved in the strategic planning and implementation process. Their experience and knowledge, along with the skills of our highly trained staff, result in fast, flexible, and customized solutions uniquely tailored to your business’s individual needs and objectives.

 Our principals partner with client management teams, calling on four decades of experience to analyze individual situations, apply our extensive knowledge, and then develop strategies to produce results. Meet our team of experts below:

Our Partners

Mark L. Fiato, CPA, CVA

Managing Partner

Mark has provided audit, accounting, and financial advisory services to privately held businesses and their owners since joining Caras & Shulman, PC in 1990. He serves a key role in the Firm with a focus on business valuations, advisory services, negotiations, and quality control.

   |   T: 781.418.2104

Rachael Hylan, CPA, MST, MPAc


Rachael joined Caras & Shulman in 2012, transitioning from a financial services tax group with PwC. Rachael provides compliance and advisory tax services to clients in a variety of industries. She specializes in personalized tax advisory and compliance services for closely-held businesses and mid to high net worth individuals, as well as multi-state corporate tax compliance.

  |   T: 781.418.2132

Charles A. Miraglia, CPA, CVA


Charlie provides audit, accounting, tax and financial advisory services to closely held businesses and their owners. His focus is on providing clients with efficient quality audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements as well as tax return compliance and planning.

|   T: 781.418.2138

Graham M. Ranks, CPA, MST


Graham has provided accounting, tax and business advisory services to clients in a variety of industries since joining Caras & Shulman in 2007. Graham’s extensive audit experience and tax background allows him to assist clients in understanding both the financial statement and tax impact of complex transactions and strategic business decisions.

T: 781.418.2140

Our Management Team

Angela M. Marks, CPA, QKA, QPA

Manager | Retirement Administration

T: 781.418.2115

Raffi Donabedian, CPA, MSA

Manager | Accounting & Audit

  T: 781.418.2140

Our Accounting Team

Danielle Shnaper, CPA

Lead Associate | Accounting & Audit

   |   T: 781.418.2126

Nadia Antonellis

Associate | Accounting & Audit

   |   T: 781.418.2134

Julia Basile

Associate | Accounting & Audit

   |   T: 781.418.2113

Brandon Haun, CPA

Associate | Accounting & Audit

   |   T: 781.418.2111

Chirag Maske, CPA

Associate | Accounting & Audit

   |   T: 781.418.2110

Our Tax Team

Donald A. Provencher, CPA

Senior Associate | Tax

   |   T: 781.418.2133

Haley Frtiz

Associate | Tax

   |   T: 781.418.2133

Jessica Lem

Associate | Tax

   |   T: 781.418.2121

Robert Paulsen, MST

Lead Associate | Tax

T: 781.418.2102

Our Accounting Services Team

Nancy Cuneo

Lead Associate | Accounting Services

   |   T: 781.418.2129

Carol Fallon

Lead Associate | Accounting Services

T: 781.418.2127

Marion Wedge

Lead Associate | Accounting Services

   |   T: 781.418.2131

Our Operations and Retirement Administration Teams

Lindsey Murphy

Supervisor | Operations

   |   T: 781.418.2119

Jill Dickerson

Associate | Operations

T: 781.273.3950

Melissa Hood

Associate | Operations

 T: 781.418.2125

Sharon Aftandilian

Associate | Retirement Administration

 T: 781.418.2118