Raffi is an Accounting & Audit Supervisor with Caras & Shulman and will be celebrating his 7 year anniversary with the firm. Raffi is just one of many “lifers” and success stories here at Caras & Shulman. We asked Raffi what drew him to the CPA profession, what has kept him at Caras & Shulman, and what his passions are outside of work.

What attracted you to the public accounting profession?

My interest in public accounting started with simple lessons about fiscal responsibility from my father, a small business owner. Although they are certainly not the only skills needed, I was taught that being able to make calculated decisions and having a strong understanding of financial information are important to achieving financial security. Needless to say, a career in public accounting seemed very fitting. The accounting program at my college taught us that CPA’s would not only would gain a strong grasp on understanding financial information but would be seen as a trusted business adviser by their clients.

The financial statements I put together play a large role in a client’s business growth. Whether a client is looking to expand their borrowing availability with their bank or grow through acquisition, a quality financial statement is going to be required. Knowing that my work would have that level of impact was the major appeal.

What has kept you with Caras & Shulman for 7 years?

When I first started working with the firm, it became apparent that the work was going to be challenging, however, I always had a mentor I could consult with and the environment is always supportive. Early on, I received the direction and resources I needed to successfully work through individual engagements and eventually lead larger jobs. Seven years later, I am on the other side of the equation, providing guidance to newer staff. Seeing everything come full circle has been rewarding!

Having exposure to both audit and tax has proven to be vital. Our clients work in several industries which allowed me to gain exposure to various accounting and tax guidance. For clients I work closely with, I typically have the opportunity to see how the financial statements I worked on impact the companies’ tax returns and, ultimately, the owners’ personal returns. This helped my overall knowledge and ability to assist with tax planning.

The firm understands how much effort goes into our day-to-day workload and provides plenty of flexibility to maintain a healthy work life balance. We have the ability to work from home and take half day Friday’s over the summer! C&S also holds various firm events throughout the year for us to get together and catch our breath outside of work.

What are your passions outside of your professional life?

My hobbies outside of work are primarily automotive, whether its cars or motorcycles. Nothing beats a nice ride through NH and VT roads in early fall. I’ve always had an interest in understanding the mechanics of vehicles and it comes in handy when its time for some maintenance or repairs. I’ve found that fixing something myself has always felt gratifying…and easier on my wallet.

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